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      • Binjiang Industrial Park, Shamen,Yuhuan,Zhejiang
      • 0576-80766878

      ABOUT US / Company profile

      Yuhuan Jiaou Science CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing Co ., Ltd Be seated Huan Sha Road North 515A Binjiang Industrial Park salon town Yuhuan City ,Our company Is A Professional Engaged In CNC Equipment R& D, Production And Sales As One Of The Technology Oriented Enterprises.

      The Company Has A Large Number Of Experts, Advanced Production Technology,Has Long Been Engaged In RD And DesignOf NC Machine Tool, The Precision Parts Manufacturing And Desig Of The Knife Type, Turret, Longitudinal Type Car, Rail Composite Type, Oblique Guide Series Of High-speed CNC Precision CNC Lathe. To Achieve The Intelligent, Automated Development Of Economical, Economical Type Of Manipulator The Company Has A Complete Quality Inspection System And Sophisticated Testing Equipment...

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      Why choose us -- Six advantages

      Large-scale, talented people

      The company has a large number of experts and senior production technicians.

      Product Professional Certification, Brand Guarantee

      Improve and improve in order to better product quality and better service.

      Adhering to the concept of "people-oriented"

      Have a high-quality, realistic and pragmatic professional team.

      Renewal of talent and technology is only for quality

      Advanced technology and production technology, strict quality management system

      Variety, mature experience

      Complete function and advanced equipment.

      Wide range of services, guarantee after-sales

      Always focus on customers to better product quality, better service to return friends from all walks of life.



      Service Hotline:


      Contact us


      Binjiang Industrial Park, Shamen,Yuhuan,Zhejiang
      E-mail :649719548@qq.com


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      "Keep improving"

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